Who Is Ohio-K

Ohio-K Kosher Services was founded in 1957 by Rabbi David Stavsky zt''l and is now under the supervision of Rabbi William Goldberg. Rabbi Goldberg spent 25 years as the Kashrus Administrator of Vaad Ho-ir of Columbus, Ohio and still serves as the Administrator Emeritus. With Ohio-K he has continued to maintain the highest of kashrus standards recognized nationally.

Kashrus Administrator

Rabbi William Goldberg


Rabbi David Stavsky zt''l
1957 - 2004

Why Get Kosher Certification?

The kosher market is the fastest growing segment of the food industry—valued at $13 billion and expanding by more than 10 percent each year. Placed side-by-side on the shelf, kosher products sell 20 percent better than competing non-kosher brands.1

With low overhead and an efficient operation Ohio-K provides nationally recognized kosher certification at affordable rates.

How To Get Kosher Certification

Simple 5 Step Process

  • 1 Application
  • 2 Coordination
  • 3 Initial Visit
  • 4 Contract
  • 5 Certficiation
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